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Users can get types of policy by providing yearly or monthly premiums. To know more details about policies click the "Policy Option" button. Following policies are available: a. Easylife Special b. Easylife Special Plus c. Easylife MSP (Monthly Saving Plan) d. Easylife JAYA (Women Saving Plan)

Under Easylife refundable option, if the policy holder can’t claim during a valid time period then the policyholder will get his/her full premium. This policy is known as "Easylife Special Plus". In Easylife non-refundable option, the policy holder will not get his/her deposited premium. It is known as “Easylife Special”. However, both the policies will provide full insurance amount to policy holder’s nominee if policy holder dies and also if policy holder will get full insurance amount if he/she becomes permanently disable (TPD).

It is very easy to grow your savings with an attractive bonus, an insurance plan that allows you to take coverage and other opportunities by subscribing to the monthly minimum premium subscription through the EasyLife app. With this long term storage of your plant, you will be given an attractive bonus guarantee.

A saving insurance plan that allows only income able female person to take coverage and critical illness benefits by subscribing to the monthly minimum premium which starts with 350 TK. by EasyLife app & web. With this long term saving, you will be assured an attractive bonus guarantee & Critical Illness benefit.

By clicking on "Know Your Premium" from the EasyLife app/ website, you can easily find out the premiums of refundable or non-refundable, which starts from the minimum premium of BDT 362.00. On the other hand, MSP or monthly savings will be available for a maximum of BDT 10,00,000.00 from the minimum of BDT 1000.00 to a maximum of BDT 10,000.00.

The Coverage amount is the sum assured or assured amount of the Policyholder. The Coverage amount will be payable to the nominee in case of death of the Policyholder and the Policyholder in case of Total & Permanent Disability (TPD) of the Policyholder. On the other hand Critical Illness Coverage will be assured for women in Jaya (Woman Saving Plan).

It's a value added service for our user to avail discounts in different health care & lifestyle brands.

Following benefits will be given during Digital Loyalty Card use: a. Health Care. b. Lifestyle. c. Entertainment.

After updating the profile user will get a virtual Digital Loyalty Card through which users can enjoy discounts in 30+ hospitals and different lifestyle brands.

Easylife app is an online base insurance platform through which user can purchase any policy by providing yearly or monthly premium in a very easy and effective way.

- User can easily create his/her profile through signing up to the app and just providing user’s name, email id, and picture only.

Total & Permanent Disability (TPD)" shall mean (whichever applicable): a) The disability whether caused by bodily injury or disease, preventing the Assured from engaging in any occupation for reward or for profit, for the remainder of his/her lifetime, as a result of accidental bodily injury or disease. The Assured must able to justify a registered occupation, whether employed or self-employed, on the date of accident or disease, according to the cause of the state of TPD. There must be a minimum consolidation period of 12 continuous months of total disability before a TPD claim can be reported to the Company and recognized.b) "Presumptive Disability" shall mean the occurrence of any of the following: 1. Total and irrecoverable loss of sight of both eyes; 2. Severance of two (2) limbs at or above wrist or ankle.

Any customer meeting following conditions can apply for EasyLife: 1. Good Health 2. Have NID/Smart Card 3. Have regular income and 4. Age between 18 to 45 years

The Coverage amount is the sum assured or assured amount of the Policyholder. The Coverage amount will be payable to the nominee in case of death of the Policyholder and the Policyholder in case of Total & Permanent Disability (TPD) of the Policyholder.

I am currently not receiving any treatment, have not been treated or have not been told to have any treatment for Cancer/AIDS/Kidney, Liver or Lung Disorder/Brain Diseases/Heart or Blood Diseases and I am not currently totally or partially disabled to work due to sickness or an accident and I do not have any physical impairment or psychiatric illness or any mental or nervous disorder. I also declare that I have not been (1) totally disabled to work due to a sickness or accident for 15 days or more continuously during the past two years; (2) hospitalized for 5 or more days continuously during the past two years; (3) treated for alcohol or drug abuse.

Stamp fee is determined based on the Sum Assured. Insurance companies collects the stamp fee from the policyholders and deposits to Government exchequer. Stamp fee is payable only once for the whole term of the policy along with the 1st premium.

- As soon as you buy the policy, you will get the soft copy of policy details and within the next 5 working days you will get the hard copy of your policy documents. Please note that you have to sign on the office copy of the Proposal Form and return the same to our representative who delivered the documents to you.

Nominee is the person selected by the policyholder to receive the benefit in case of death of the policyholder during the policy term in accordance with the terms and conditions of the policy. For EasyLife, nominee can be your spouse, father, mother, brother, sister, son or daughter. You can select maximum 2 nominees and for all of them you need to provide nominee(s)’ details, photo(s) and NID(s).

Yes, you can select a minor nominee (age below 18). In such case you need to provide the birth certificate number of your nominee and nominate a Guardian for him/her. In such case, you have to provide Guardian’s photo and NID copy. Note that, policyholder him/herself cannot be the Guardian.

It is the amount the policyholder will get from the life insurance company if he decides to exit the policy before maturity. In this case, applicable deductions shall be applied.

A critical illness can cause very high medical expenses that may or may not be covered by your traditional health insurance plan. Our Critical illness benefit rider provides a lump-sum payment in case the policy owner is diagnosed with a health related condition of a serious nature as stated below.

1. Cancer excluding any non-invasive cancer and skin cancer 2. Heart attack (Myocardial Infarction) 3. Stroke 4. Coronary Artery Surgery 5. Kidney Failure (End Stage Renal Disease) 6. Major Organ Transplant 7. Paralysis 8. Multiple Sclerosis 9. Blindness/Loss of Sight 10. Heart Valve Replacement 11. Surgery of Aorta 12. Aplastic Anemia 13. Benign Brain Tumor 14. Chronic Lung Disease/End stage Lung Disease 15. Deafness/Loss of Hearing 16. Major Head Trauma 17. Loss of Limbs 18. Loss of Speech

180 days; No claim will be entertained within the first six months from the issuance of the policy.

Pre-existing medical conditions related to Dread Diseases are excluded and all other terms of the policy document of the base plan shall be applicable.